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To be a lab rat – Low Fat Chips

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by Brandon

To be a lab rat

“Hay honey do my hips look fat?” I asked my wife who was all curled up on the other side of the cage.

“Well, if you ask me you have been putting on the ounces.  Have you been hitting the wheel like you are supposed to?” she replied without lifting a paw.

HFCS rat and normal rat

I didn’t want to answer her.  She nags me all the time about spending more time on the wheel, but since I started to eat this new diet I don’t feel like it.  You see the man who feeds me changed my diet about a month back.  I used to eat normal rat food, the pellet kind.  But lately he has been feeding me potato chips.  I love them.  He changed my wife’s diet and a couple other close cousins of mine.  Hairy Rat and I got the regular flavor while my wife gets to eat Bacon Ranch.  Totally not fair.

I noticed with our chips my butt is getting so fat.  Hairy has the same issue.  My wife still looks normal for a fat Rat and all, but my butt is huge!  I noticed our label says Low Fat, but what the heck?  If I am eating low fat what is my wife eating.  Life isn’t too bad though.  I get as much exercise as I want, and I get all the water I need.  I just hope they change my diet soon, other wise my wife might me too large to enjoy and trade me in for that rat over there with the human ear growing on its back.

“Be quiet” I think he heard me!

Rat with Ear Growing on it

For more information on my life check out this article about these Low Fat Chips that actually make you fatter than the Full Fat ones!

5 Hour Energy- Is it for Ultra Runners?

Posted on June 10th, 2011 by Brandon

5 Hour Energy Drink- Is it for Ultra Runners?

5 Hour Energy Drink- Is it for Ultra Runners

5 Hour Energy Drink- Is it for Ultra Runners

Over the years Caffeine has become just one of those things I must have to survive.  Understanding that is sounds like what other addicted individuals must say I started a quest to see what other products out there can help.  When it comes to running for longer periods of time then some or most people work the idea of energy became a need.  How can I do this?   Every runner is different and some work just fine without any stimulant, or non “Natural” food source.

In the past I have used 5 Hour Energy drink a total of 5 times that I can recall.  The latest was at the 6 hour mark of my 12 hour race, and then on the drive home from New York to Michigan.  Both times I was impressed with its results, but I didn’t use the product in a way to really see if it would work for longer distances.

So since 5 Hour Energy was kind enough to send me enough samples of its product to test out I will be testing the product in a number of different scenarios.   Having access to an EKG machine I will test it out from a medical perspective and from a runner’s perspective.  My goal is to answer the question for me…  Is this product safe?  Is it addicting?  Does it give me a competitive advantage? 

Medical Evaluation- Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, EKG, and general feeling after using the product

Running Evaluation- Heart Rate, general feeling on both runs over an hour and over 12 hours.

Please give me your input as I begin this testing period.
Have you tried 5 Hour Energy?
Have you used it during training or races?
How did it make you feel?
Would you recommend it to others?

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