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Naked Foot 5K – Grand Rapids (I must be crazy)

Posted on August 25th, 2011 by Brandon

Naked Foot 5K -Grand Rapids(I must be crazy)

 Running 50 Miles must not be enough for me, because now I am signed up to run the Naked Foot 5K on Sunday in Grand Rapids.  I am a sucker for peer pressure and I caved when a number of runners who read this blog mentioned they might be running it.  It helped that there was a Groupon offer for $19.  Available to Midnight 08/25/2011

 So less then 11 hours after my anticipated 50 mile finish I will attempt a nice easy soft Barefoot 5K.  Merrell is the hosting sponsor and the race will be well attended by Barefoot runners from acrossMichiganand beyond.  It will be nice to run with like minded people that understand what its like to run “FREE”. 

 Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton will be there and that is worth the $19 in itself.  Ken has been running barefoot for a really long time and has a ton of experience and knowledge for it.  His passion for natural running is contagious.  Anyone who attends will be glad they did.  Jason Robillard author of the “Not Yet Best Seller” book “The Barefoot Running Book” will also be there to help guide the lost soles to the promise land of barefoot running. 

 Shoes are welcome (but it will be like wearing clothing in a nudist camp), and it’s a safe place for the Kids with a Kids fun run and 1 mile run. 

More information is available at:

2011 Race Schedule (Tenative)- Update 4/23/2011

Posted on January 14th, 2011 by Brandon

2011 will be the year of the Ultra

January- Sgt Preston 6 Miler- 48:33

February- Dances with Dirt- Green Swamp 50 Miles


April- Trail Marathon -Pinckney, MI Recreation Area

May- Mind the Ducks 12 Hr

June- Western States- Pacer

*July- Burning River- Pacer Going for First 100 miler!

August- North Country Trail- 50 Miler

September- Dances with Dirt – HELL!

October- Grand Rapids Marathon- Maybe

November- JFK 50- (If I get in)
Thanksgiving- 2nd Annual Our Turkey has the Trots

December- Huff 50K-
(See a pattern of 50′s)

There might be a number of 5K’s Spread throughout,
like “Our Turkey has the Trots 5K on Thanksgiving.

Hobby jogga

Posted on December 11th, 2010 by Brandon

Barefoot Running University

I guess I am officially a member of an interesting group of runners. They are called “Hobby Joggas” . I didnt know what to expect when I first met this group. I actually ran into a few of them months ago when Roger invited a few of them to one of weekly runs at Cannonsburg. Jasonand Shelly Robillard showed up to join us and that meeting has changed the way I run.

Jason is a teacher of Barefoot running. Throughout that run I probably annoyed the crap out of him with all my questions, but I really learned a ton. That day I ran about 3 miles barefoot, but I couldn’t start running barefoot full time do to the time it takes to devolve your feet.

Fast forward to the day after thanksgiving known as “black friday”.  Instead of standing in long lines to spend my hard earned money on off brand junk, I put that energy into something much greater.  Driving an hour to run in below freezing temps with wind chills even lower is my idea of fun.  The group of runners included Jason, Shelly, Jessie, Andrew, Alex, Mark, and some guy who showed up with running shoes.  The rest of us doned our own idea of minimalist shoes.  Vibrum Trec’s protected my skin from the frozen sand and roots that spread out in front of us.  Many of the others wore a mix of minimalist shoes including many that haven’t even hit the market.

The first couple hours we broke into two different pace groups.  I fell into the easy group.  The miles went by quickly as I chatted with my new friends.  Running can really bring new friends together.  After a break that included sweet potatoes and venison jerky we ran another loop along the dunes.  It was so cold…..  On this same loop I took my first fall.  After hundreds of miles on trails with only close calls my first fall really opened my eyes.  The boys thought running deer trails would be fun, so I started down a hill that was easier than the trail they had chosen.  As I crossed the trail they were running my foot tripped up on a stump and down I went.   The group seemed surprised when I got back up and told them they witnessed my first fall.

The third lap Jason thought it would be a great idea to play the game the Tarahumara people play when they run.  A simple soccer ball entertained us for a couple more hours.  Our original plan of 3 more miles turned into almost 6 when a wrong turn took us off course.  The miles clicked by quickly and with more enjoyment running than I had had weeks of running.

I won!  As we neared the parking lot the group of runners kinda held back to ease it in.  Without notice I had snuck away to run my way quickly back to the cars.  After touching my car I turned around to see the group of runners laughing as they trotted to the finish in one big mass of runners.  After a few jokes at my expense of winning the first anal Fat Ass run we headed off for lunch.

It might have been my first group run with the Hobby Jogga’s, but I knew I was in for adventure….  I can’t wait for the next quest.

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